Thursday, 27 July 2017


    hi my name is Alyssa  my goop is gangs bingo and we had to Mack a rap and a song.We  have mad a song and I think its cool.but we still need to Mack a rap and that will be cool to.I think that Micheal and oaks j is a really good lieder And crstener

Maori hand games 

Today I will be tallying you about Maori hand games.

The names of the people are lucky and tamihana,April,kitty and Tu.My favourite part was  playing with the fie because we got to do lots of cool things like...The bird and wake.we played the knuckle bobs.I had so much fun that my eyes Favorited Poussin is kitty because she is so nigh               

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

my holidays writing  

    In the holidays I went to new plinth  it was a big rid and it was so fun.I got sick then we went to funky duck it is a cafe were you can feed ducks and there was pokeys and a rooster.Then we arrived at new plinth.I went to my dads old school and it was so big and there was a big ball and a dag up rugby felled.Then we went to the big as liberty it had so much books.Then we went to the hotel it had a big spar and a big as pool I loved it so much as soon as I got there I gamut in the pool and it was a Hettie pool and it was so worm.At diner there was so much things you can eat the food wen ever time you wont and the podding is so good as wall then it was nigh.