Wednesday, 31 May 2017

HBHS Perform

The performance
Dear Boys High

Thank you for coming to Parkvale School and performing the kapa haka and Pasifika. And you were great at everything. My favourite part was when you sung the Moana song. And your singing was great.Your voice was loud and clear and all the kids loved it so much.

From Alyssa and Parkvale School.Thank, You - Free images on Pixabay


  1. Good work Alyssa!! I am pretty sure Hastings boys high will love your blog post.

  2. AWESOME Alyssa nice job i think they will love it. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!! :)

  3. I agree with every thing you said
    all so there were some little mistakes with the writing as well with thous writing I like it